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How to live a meaningful life – Jim Myers

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What caring about others can teach us

Jim is one of the greatest people I’ve ever met. I met him in Udaipur in India, and he is one of the founders of Animal Aid Unlimited, a hospital for street animals. They started when nobody really cared about animals in India and now it is almost a movement because now people really care about Street animals in the city.

I was especially touched by the way the animal shelter was created because there was so much love so much compassion and I really wanted to learn more about it and ask him how they created it the way it is right now. Just to get some facts across: Animal Aid Unlimited in Udaipur has now over 700 residents, animals who live here temporary or permanently and has almost 100 staff members now and of course they have so many volunteers, and we have been one of them for helping these animals, learning a lot about how to treat them and how to be a kinder person. If you Google Animal aid Unlimited you will realize how many followers this organization has now on YouTube and all the other channels because they documented their work and it’s just absolutely amazing.


Website: animalaidunlimited.org/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4kyYTypYb3mQ6ZL25kly6g

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/animalaid_india/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnimalAidUnlimited

Donation: https://animalaidunlimited.org/donate.html

Mentioned Books & Authors:

Animal Liberation – Peter Singer

Fjodor Michailowitsch Dostojewski – Wikipedia

Lew Nikolajewitsch Tolstoi – Wikipedia

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