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Jim founded the Organisation Animal Aid Unlimited in India, beeing one of the biggest shelters for rescuing and treating street animals and he is one of the kindest beeings I’ve ever met.

Anna arbeitete bei ihren Traumarbeitgebern der UN in New York und später bei der GIZ in Berlin. Doch dann kamen Angstzustände, Depression und die Suche nach sich selbst…

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The Meditative Clown – Philippe

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How beeing a clown demands you to be present

Philippe(@Philocircus) is a clown and gets paid for it. He is also a serious meditatior. In fact we met after a 10-day silent meditation Retreat.
Before I met him I thought that most clowns are just performers who did manage to be real acrobats and are now and entertaining children with simple jokes. Actually it is a very profound art that takes a lot of presence.

Join me in this inspiring conversation where we talk about:

  • his worst experience on stage
  • how meditation and beeing a clown are similar
  • how to enter high energy states that create laughter
  • why he wanted to become a clown

Connect with him:

10 day silent meditation retreat:

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